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Sample Supplies such as bottles, bags and forms are free of charge with analysis. Please contact the lab.

Turnaround time is based on the type of analysis and volume of samples in the lab. Results are usually reported within 2 to 7 working days from receipt of sample. BDS provides no charge fax and mail results. Rush analysis - please confirm in advance. Samples should be clearly marked.

Daily shipping service is available through Purolator, Loomis and the mail.

For alternate shipping arrangements, please contact our office at 306-699-2679 or in Canada call 1-888-237-5227 (1-888-BDS-Labs).

Please ensure that samples are correctly packaged, labelled and sufficient in size for analysis. Prices subject to GST, changes, or discount for quantity.

Quality Assurance - The laboratory QA/QC program is designed to ensure the consistent production of quality analysis and results. This is accomplished by:

1) The use of standard methods and valid analytical methods

2) An established set of procedures for monitoring accuracy of analysis and proper instrument calibration and maintenance

3) The use of written standard operating procedures to train all laboratory personal in QA/QC procedures and to ensure that these procedures are followed.

The level of quality control required is dependent on the type of analysis, but must include at least one blank, a minimum of one standard , a LCS and/or minimum of 10% duplicate samples.