Bioremediation Analysis

Contaminant utilization screening test (TT/PP) Water 45.00

Soil 50.00

Anaerobic Add 5.00

50 and 100 day Treatability Studies Quote

Bioremediation is microbial degradation of contaminants. BDS Laboratories can assist in clean up operations by offering laboratory analysis and support to companies working on the remediation of sites. We can provide laboratory assistance and analysis for both site assessment and during the monitoring of the remediation progress. Utilizing our microbiology and chemistry departments we can perform chemical and microbial analysis to assess various aspects of each project. We can perform bench scale and test tube analysis of samples to determine the presence/absence of degradative organisms, rates of degradation, the levels and byproducts of degraded substances. Our range of services also includes pesticide and herbicide remediation.

We can culture, maintain, preserve, freeze-dry and provide long-term storage of degradative organisms. Please contact us for analysis package information and prices.

Facilities and Equipment

We are located in the Northern Bank Building in Qu'Appelle, Sask. and have a full microbiological and chemistry laboratory. Our 4,000 square foot facility contains: office and administration, sample receiving and preparation area, laboratory and analysis areas, incubation room, chemical storage area, sample storage area, instrumentation rooms and a warehouse.

Instrumentation and equipment includes: Vitek Autoanalyzer, Flow Chemistry Autoanalyzers, Perkin Elmer AA, Hydride Generator, GF, IL flame photometer, Mettler autotitrator, HP GCs, SRI GCs with P&T, PID, FID & ECD, Varian GC, Perkin Elmer GC, Koehler Flashpoint Tester, Behring Nephelometer, UV-Vis spectrophotometers, IR spectrophotometer, HPLC and fraction collector, specific ion electrodes, freeze drier, digestion blocks, floor centrifuge, wet and dry baths, muffle furnace, HF-DRT 100B turbidimeter, vacuum ovens, drying ovens, conventional incubators, CO2 incubators, anaerobic chambers, electrophoresis equipment, glove boxes, Class IIB Biological Safety Hood, microscopes, computers and other standard equipment.

We are constantly adding and improving our instrumentation. If the equipment for a specific method is not listed here, please inquire about your specific analytical needs.