Microbiological Analysis

When sending a sample for bacterial and fungal analysis use a sterile plastic bag, jar or glass container. Water, waste water, sludge, beverage, dairy, moist feed, meat and food samples should be kept cool.

Prices include sample preparation unless noted.

Note: Negative samples are charged the presumptive price. Positive samples with genus/species ID, are charged the presumptive price plus culture/confirmation price. Isolates sent for genus/species identification - $25.00-50.00.

Microbiology of Potable Water

Microbiological analysis is used to assess the quality of tap and well water for potability. This analysis is used to determine the water's suitability for human or animal use. Other uses include mortgage approval, detection of contamination and health risk. Total coliforms and fecal coliforms are routinely used as water quality indicator organisms. A heterotrophic or standard plate count also gives an assessment of water quality. Water potability analysis is routinely performed by membrane filtration (MF). Pour Plate (PP) and Most Probable Number (MPN) can also be used.

 Specific analysis can be requested: including culture and ID of other organisms, Vitek or API identification, biochemical analysis, chemical and antimicrobial sensitivity and characterization.

See page 5 for a list of additional microorganisms, others are available on request.

Description Price

Total and fecal coliforms (MF) $25.00

Heterotrophic plate count and Total coliforms 25.00

Total coliforms (MF or MPN) 15.00

Fecal coliforms (MF or MPN) 15.00

Background bacteria 15.00

Fecal streptococci (MF or MPN) 20.00

Heterotrophic (standard) plate count (MF or PP) 15.00

Yeast and mold count (MF or PP) 15.00

Fungus ID (Genus) 20.00 (Genus/Species) 35.00 -50.00

Actinomycete plate count 20.00 (species confirm) 30.00

E. coli (presumptive) 20.00 (confirm) 15.00

Staphylococcus aureus  (presumptive) 20.00 (confirm) 15.00

Pseudomonas species  (presumptive) 20.00 (confirm - species ID) 15.00

Thermophilic plate count - aerobic 20.00 or anaerobic 25.00

Heterotrophic plate count and genus ID (max. 2 organisms) 50.00

Bacterial Water Quality Package.........60.00

includes: Heterotrophic plate count, Total coliform, Fecal coliform and a general ID of major organisms

See page 5 for a list of additional microorganisms, others are available on request.