Microbiology of Waste Water

Water from various sources, fresh, marine, ground, surface, recreational, agricultural and wastewater, are tested for microbial characterization, contamination source evaluation and environmental impact assessment. Detection and enumeration of indicator and specific organisms are performed using membrane filtration (MF), Most Probable Number (MPN) and pour plate (PP) methods.

Description Price

Total and fecal coliforms (MFor MPN) $25.00

Total coliforms (MF or MPN) 15.00

Fecal coliforms (MF or MPN) 15.00

Fecal streptococci (MF or MPN) 20.00

Heterotrophic (standard) plate count (MF or PP) 15.00

Yeast and mold count (MF or PP) 15.00

Actinomycete plate count 20.00 (species ID/confirm) 30.00

Aeromonas species (presumptive) 20.00 (confirm) 15.00

E.coli (presumptive) 20.00 (confirm) 15.00

Klebseilla species (presumptive) 20.00 (confirm) 15.00

Pseudomonas species (presumptive) 20.00 (confirm) 15.00

Staphylococcus aureus (presumptive) 20.00 (confirm) 15.00

Iron Bacteria (microscopic) 30.00

Iron Reducing Bacteria (pos/neg) 20.00

Sulphate Reducing Bacteria 30.00 (or pos/neg 20.00)

Thermophilic plate (pos/neg) - aerobic 20.00 or anaerobic 25.00


Soil, Sludge and Sediment

Microbiological analysis is conducted on soil, sewage sludge and sediment samples for microbial characterization, evaluation and assessment. The most probable number (MPN) technique uses fermentation tubes for the detection of indicator organisms (coliforms) and sulphur oxidizers/reducers. Pour or Spread plate (PP or SP) and test tube (TT) methods are used for analysis of contaminant utilizing organisms. The pour plate (PP) and spread plate method (SP) is used for plate counts of bacteria and fungi. Additional analysis such as Microbial Biomass and Microbial Respiration are available.

Description Price

Total and fecal coliforms (MPN) $35.00

Total coliforms (MPN) 20.00 Fecal coliforms (MPN) 20.00

Fecal streptococci (MPN) 25.00

Heterotrophic (standard) plate count (PP) 20.00

Yeast and mold count (PP) 20.00

Rhizobium count 30.00

Toxic mold Screen 45.00

E. coli (presumptive) 25.00 (confirm) 15.00

Salmonella species (presumptive) 25.00 (confirm) 15.00

Staphylococcus aureus (presumptive) 25.00 (confirm) 15.00

Hydrocarbon or pesticide utilizing organisms (PP/SP/TT) 50.00

Sulphur oxidizers (MPN) or Sulphate reducers (MPN) 35.00

Nitrogen Bacteria - Nitrate Reducers or Nitrite Oxidizers or Ammonium oxidizers 35.00

Dinitrification Bacteria 35.00 (pos/neg 25.00)

Iron Bacteria 35.00 (please specify specific type)

Rhizobium count Innoculant 25.00 Soil 30.00

Assessment for microbial viability (TT/SP/PP) 35.00

Thermophilic plate count - aerobic 25.00 or anaerobic 30.00