Microbiology of Food, Meat, Dairy Products and Beverages

Microbiological analysis is performed on food and food products, meat, dairy, fish, fruit, vegetables, milk and juices. This testing is used for assessment, microbiological quality, product safety and disease prevention. MPN, MF, SP and PP are used for culture. Specific organisms and pathogens are detected and identified using specialized methods and media. Identification of many other organisms is available by request. Additional analysis such as Vitek or API confirmation and biochemical analysis are available on request.

Description and Price

Confirmation by Vitek (unless otherwise noted) $15.00

Thermophilic spore test

Anaerobic 25.00

Aerobic 20.00

Flat Sour Test 20.00

Aerobic Spore Test (for ropiness in bread products) 20.00

E. coli (MPN or MF, presumptive) 20.00

E. coli O157:H7 (presumptive) 20.00 (confirmation) 15.00

Bacillus cereus (presumptive) 20.00

Bacillus subtilis (presumptive) 20.00

Campylobacter (presumptive) 20.00 (confirmation) 20.00

Clostridia species (presumptive) 25.00

Lactobacillus (presumptive) 20.00

Listeria species (presumptive) 20.00

Salmonella (presumptive) 20.00

Salmonella (serotyping - grouping) 15.00

Staphylococcus species (presumptive) 20.00

Staphylococcus aureus enterotoxins A, B, C and D 60.00

Shigella species (presumptive) 20.00

Yersinia species (presumptive) 20.00

Total and fecal coliforms (MPN or MF) 25.00

Total coliforms (MPN or MF) 15.00

Fecal coliforms (MPN or MF) 15.00

Fecal streptococci (MPN or MF) 20.00

Standard plate count - aerobic 15.00

Standard plate count - anaerobic 20.00

Yeast and mold count (PP or MF) 15.00

Yeast or Mold ID Genus ID 20.00 Genus/Species 35.00- 50.00

Assessment for Microbial Viability (TT/PP) 3 Temperatures 35.00

Note: If culture is negative the presumptive price is charged.

Seed Sprouting (sample prep for sprouting seeds) 15.00

Microscopic examination 30.00

Tissue Preparation* 9.00

*applicable to samples which require specialized preparation not included in the analysis price, ie. tissue grinding, extraction, fix, embed and section.