Pathogen Culture and Analysis

Analysis performed on a wide spectrum of samples. Includes routine culture and confirmation of pathogens. Other organisms are available on request. Automated Identification performed using the Vitek system.

Description Price

Presumptive ID 20.00

Confirmation by Vitek 15.00 Manual 30.00

Presumptive/Confirmation, provides genus/species ID 35.00-50.00

Aeromonas species (confirmation) 15.00

E. coli O157:H7 (confirmation) 35.00

Bacillus species (confirmation) 15.00-30.00

Campylobacter (confirmation) 40.00

Clostridia species (confirmation) 15.00

Klebseilla species (confirmation) 15.00

Legionella species (confirmation) 30.00

Listeria (confirmation) 15.00

Mycobacteria species (confirmation) 30.00

Nocardia species (confirmation) 30.00

Proteus species (confirmation) 15.00

Pseudomonas species (confirmation) 15.00 -30.00

Salmonella species (confirmation) 15.00

Salmonella (serotyping - grouping) 15.00

Staphylococcus species (confirmation) 15.00

Shigella species (confirmation) 15.00

Streptococci species (confirmation) 15.00

Vibrio species (confirmation) 30.00

Yeast and mold (confirmation) 15.00 - 30.00

Yersinia species (confirmation) 15.00

Note: If culture is negative the $20.00 presumptive price is charged. Positive culture with genus/species ID is charged the presumptive and confirmation price.

Microbiological Identification and Characterization

Genus/Species ID (isolates) - bacteria and fungi per ID by Vitek 25.00 Manual $50.00

Genus Identification - bacteria or fungi 20.00

Microscopic examination 30.00

Pathogen profile and assessment - based on organism - can include biochemical analysis, antimicrobial sensitivity and other characteristics. quote

Antimicrobial sensitivity - choice of antibiotics or Vitek Cards 20.00

Lyophilize (freeze dry) cultures 10.00/culture

Long-term culture maintenance quote