Feed and Grain

Fungus Screen (Toxic Mold)

Fungal culture and analysis, provides genus identification of the major fungi species present in the sample, with comments. 45.00

Mycotoxin Analysis

3 toxin semi-quantitative analysis 100.00

1 toxin semi-quantitative analysis 35.00

1 toxin quantitative 120.00

Toxins available (others may be performed on request): Aflatoxin, alternariol monomethyl ether, citrinin, dicoumarol, fumonisin, moniliformin, ochratoxin, patulin, penicillic acid, sterigmatocystin, vomitoxin (DON), T-2, HT-2, neosolaniol, DAS, zearalenone and zearalenol

Minimum 1 kilogram of sample required, please contact lab for sampling information.

Bacterial Screen

Standard plate count - aerobic, with genus identification of major bacterial species present in the sample, with comments. 45.00

Plate Counts and Identifications

Heterotrophic plate count - enumeration of bacteria 15.00

Anaerobic plate count 20.00

Yeast/mold count - enumeration of yeast/mold 15.00

Salmonella (presumptive) 20.00

Salmonella (confirmation) 15.00

Salmonella (serotyping - grouping) 15.00

Other plate count or organism (client specify) 20.00 to 30.00

Genus ID 20.00

Genus/species ID 35.00 to 50.00

Other organisms (see list in food section)

Thermophilic organism/spore test

Analyzes a sample for the presence of thermophilic organisms

Anaerobic 25.00 Aerobic 20.00

Plant Analysis - please contact lab for specific microorganisms and additional analysis. Analysis performed on plant, soil or water samples. Soil - add $5.00 prep. charge.

Fungus or Bacteria plate count 15.00

Plate Count with genus ID 35.00 Genus/Species 55.00

Mold or Bacterial Culture and ID of possible pathogen 55.00

One mold or bacteria genus ID 20.00

Mycorrhizal Assessment 30.00

Assessment and diagnosis of plant sample for pathogenic bacteria or fungi, includes culture and ID (send complete plant in a sealed bag, keep cool, send immediately to lab)

bacteria or fungi 55.00 or 90.00 for both bacteria and fungi