Chemical analysis is available on soil, water, waste water, effluent, sludge, drilling waste, as well as others. Specific chemical and biochemical analysis is available on request. Examples include: investigative analysis, quantitative and qualitative analysis.


Soil and Sludge Testing

Sample Preparation

Most soil samples require preparation before analysis.

Drying and grinding $9.00

Drying 5.00

Grinding 6.00

Preparation of saturated paste extract* 10.00

Moisture or Bulk Density reported on a wet weight basis 9.00

Vacuum filter or centrifuge clarification 5.00

* no charge when % saturation is included in analytical package

Most soil analysis packages require a minimum 500 g sample

Soil Fertility Package for environmental and agricultural uses

Nitrate Nitrogen

Sulphate Sulphur

Mod. Kelowna Extractable Phosphorous

Mod. Kelowna Extractable Potassium


Oilspill Analysis

pH, EC, % saturation, Soluble Ca, Mg, Na, SO4, Cl, SAR,

oil content and N,P,K,S. 100.00

Saturation pH, EC and Chloride or Sulphate

pH, EC, % saturation, and Cl or S04 30.00

Salinity Package

pH, EC, % saturation, Ca, Mg, Na, K, SAR 40.00

Detailed Soil Salinity Package

pH, EC, % saturation, Ca, Mg, Na, K, Cl, S04, SAR 50.00

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