List of Services

BDS Laboratories is a full service, accredited analytical laboratory. We offer excellent service, high quality analysis using standard methods of analysis. Speciality analysis and client-customized report formats available on request.

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General Sampling Information


Potable Water

Waste Water

Soil, Sludge and Sediment

Food, Meat, Dairy Products and Beverages

Pathogen Culture and Identification

Microbiological ID, Pathogen Characterization

Antimicrobial Sensitivity

Culture Maintenance, Lyophilization

Feed and Grain

Fungus Screen

Mycotoxin Analysis

Bacterial Screen

Plate Counts and ID

Thermophilic Organisms


Seed Diseases

Sterilization Process Assessment - Microbial

Freeze Drying - Food and Supplements


Soil and Sludge Soil Analysis Packages

Oil and Hydrocarbons

Water Testing

Water Analysis Packages

BOD - Sewage, Water, Manure

Miscellaneous Water Parameters

Food Chemistry


Bioremediation Analysis .

Facilities and Equipment